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Jan. 7th, 2018 04:00 pm
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Hello, and welcome to my Dreamwidth! My name is Tangerine (the R is because I am always three days late to every new platform).

You're welcome to subscribe or follow if something interests you (with or without commenting first -- feel free to just add!). I love fandom and people being fannish about things, regardless if we have any fandoms in common.

I can be found a few other places: [archiveofourown.org profile] Tangerine, [tumblr.com profile] atangeriner and [livejournal.com profile] tangeriner.

A few of my favourite things:
  • Rictor/Shatterstar - X-Force era, X-Factor era and anything in-between or after. New Mutants: Dead Souls, Shatterstar mini, give me all of it, Marvel.
  • X-Men (Comics) - my life's ambition is to basically have a collection of all X-Men-related comics. I'm probably 60% of the way there. My X-Men fic tends to be comicverse, not movieverse, for this exact reason. Angel (and all his variations) is my favourite and has been for 24 years (!).
  • Anime - Boku no Hero Academia and Akatsuki no Yona are the big ones for me right now, but this list tends to shift (Yowamushi Pedal, Haiykuu!!, Natsume Yuujinchou, Yuri on Ice, etc.), and once I love something, I love it forever (i.e. Samurai Champloo, Inuyasha, Trigun, Gundam Wing, Weiß Kreuz, Naruto). I also read the manga for Boku no Hero Academia and Akatsuki no Yona and am mostly caught up. I also have an ongoing love affair with all things From Eroica with Love related. 
  • Dragon Age, especially Inquisition - I think I am on my sixth play-through.
  • Overwatch - I can't play it due to motion sickness, but the fic and the art is good. Hanzo/McCree. 
  • The Professionals - I am just getting into this, reading and watching.
  • Hockey - This is a perpetual source of anguish for me, because my team is bad on multiple levels, and embarrasses me on the regular in new and unexpected ways (Senators).
  • Historical Romance Novels - Mary Balogh gives me life. And Lisa Kleypas. And Laura Kinsale. And KJ Charles.

Transformative Works Policy

Feel free to transform my works into podfics, art, translations, remixes, sequels, etc. I only ask that you link to the original source and that whatever you produce remains non-commercial.

Last updated: December 16, 2018
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I actually finished and/or caught up on some things!

  • The Magicians 1.01 to 4.12. Very good, liked it a lot. I probably need to re-watch it, because I binged it in a daze of fannish euphoria.
  • Star Trek: Discovery. I swear, this season hit every button I have, so yes, good. Looking forward to the last episode of the season.
  • Game of Thrones 7.01 to 7.07. I was pretending I wasn't going to watch season 7, and therefore not season 8, but screw it, I did.
  • Fruits Basket. Weeeeeeee, I am enjoying this so much so far. I still have to finish the manga, but the first two eps of the anime, A++.
  • Dororo. This anime consistently blows my mind. I love it. Brutal and thought-provoking. I basically think about it all the time.

I decided this weekend was my weekend to Get Shit Done. In that, I went to the library to pick up some holds, cleaned a little and got several of my ducks in order for upcoming fannish conventions. Things I am attending for sure: CrossingsCon, FanWorks and Escapade.


I watched The Dirt on Netflix earlier for exactly one reason. Sometime in the early 2000s, it was discovered that a random person had taken several popslash stories and plagiarized them by basically replacing the names with various metal bands. A few of my stories were taken and turned into Metallica or Mötley Crüe stories. I was a fan of Metallica, but hadn't really known anything about Mötley Crüe and ended up reading The Dirt because the book had just been released and I was curious. This whole event remains one of my weirdest fannish experiences.
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What I Just Finished Reading: Ms. Marvel volumes 4 to 8. (Just tonight, "watching" (" ") the Senators vs. Rangers game, because sports! reading! great mix!).

What I am Currently Reading: Nextwave volume 2. (All these trades are due back to the library on Saturday! I'm on a mission!)

What I Plan to Read Next: Captain Marvel 2012, 2014 and 2016, two volumes each. (I am my most motivated when I have library books due back! Also the Senators are playing the Sabres tomorrow and that sounds like background noise me!)
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Friend from work (who is also a giant geek) texted me (from home, where he was sick) that Crunchyroll will be streaming Fruits Basket! PHEW. I was not looking forward to subbing to yet another streaming site (CR, Prime, Netflix and Crave are enough-- I have so much to watch I'm probably cancelling cable, because I honestly cannot keep up).

I was just thinking today, sadly, that I didn't have any anime to watch this week, since Run with the Wind is over (WEEEEEEEEEEEP) and Dororo is on a break week (someday I will talk about this show, it is amazing). But FRIDAY! Yaaaaaaaay!


I really gotta stop looking at Tumblr. My logical brain loves The Discourse, but my anxiety brain REALLY does not. Also, I can't stop my fingers from clicking onto links, which usually leads me down a dark path of Wrong Opinions. But then someone posts an amazing guide to swords and all my best intentions go out the window.


I pinched a nerve in my left ankle on the way home from work today, so I spent a good fifteen minutes standing in the middle of an empty parking lot, waiting until I could walk again. I basically contemplated the ending to my pirate AU-- there are two options, and I don't know which one is the actual ending yet. I hope, by the time I get there, one of them feels right.

It's still a long road to even get there, so I'm not worrying about it. Yet anyway.
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It looks like Tiger & Bunny is getting a second series. I am so completely onboard for that.

My beloved Sky High! I've missed him! I love him so much I had to make an icon for him.
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After some sweet advice from [personal profile] paintedmaypole, my story is finally moving again and moving well even, and I'm so pleased with it. I can't tell if it's a 20k or 30k story, but considering I only promised 3k, I think I'm doing all right. I clearly can't write short AUs.

I ended up not signing up for [community profile] fandom5k this year, even though I loved it last year. Not enough time in the day! Fingers, type faster. Brain, stop procrastinating. Stuff to write! I would like to write a square for both of my outstanding bingo cards, and I still have my Hurt Comfort Exchange story to write (I matched on the one I REALLY wanted, so yeah, wee!).


I am so done with winter. It's been snowing AND raining all day. And you think the rain would melt the snow, but it's evidently freezing rain, so nope. Next Thursday is supposed to be mid-teens Celsius, but let me voice my doubts. At this point I would settle for sunlight and dry.

I moved here ten years ago, but I will never get used to the winters here. Never, ever, ever.


I started watching The Magicians (entirely because of Escapade and all the discussions about it). I'm mid-way through season 2. I really like it. I can see why people warn about some of the content. It also makes me want to read fic about it, so that's good. I'm trying to pace myself because a) I really need to finish this story and b) uh, I basically only had one reason.
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Writing is weird. Most of the time, I just type away until there's a story and it's all very chill. Other times, I get completely hung up on something and convince myself I am The Worst Ever.

Current concern: I am bad at dialogue. How do people write this talking stuff and make it look so easy??? I even went so far as to look into local writing workshops, because maybe that would help? Is it because I don't talk enough?? Should I talk more even if the sheer idea is exhausting???


Dear brain: just relax, okay? This is supposed to be fun.
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Ahhhhhhhh. Hill Country Comic Con 2019 had an X-Men: The Animated Series cast reunion panel (the actors for Rogue, Gambit, Wolverine and Beast were all there) and posted the entire thing online. And it is such a delight. I don't think there will ever be another show that was as important to me as this one was.
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I couldn't resist this. Stole via my Network from [personal profile] elf.

Rules: Go to your AO3 works page, expand all the filters, and answer the following questions!

95 stories.

What are your first and second most common work ratings?

Explicit (37)
Mature (25)

Yuuuuup, that sounds about right. I am terrible at picking between these two, btw, and I am still tempted to downgrade the rating on some of my stories.

The rest... )
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Yes, hello, I am still alive. More or less. I have been sick more times this winter than I have been in ten years, but eh, this winter is bound to end eventually, right? (looks outside, sees more snow falling, screams internally). But hey, I went to Escapade!

It's always lovely hanging out with [personal profile] kerithwyn, and I definitely talked to more people this year than last year. Vid show was great. Panels were great. Weather was great. Food was great. Other than the fact I had to sprint through Pearson to make my connection with strep throat, flights were great. I love Escapade so much. It's worth flying across the continent for.


[community profile] chocolateboxcomm also went live while I was in Cuba.

[personal profile] arduinna wrote me the most wonderful Walt/Bruce from Dead Zone (TV). I am having major Dead Zone nostalgia feels right now, so this story was exactly what I wanted and needed.

Peace even in the storm (2000 words) by Arduinna
Fandom: The Dead Zone (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Bruce Lewis/Walt Bannerman
Characters: Bruce Lewis, Walt Bannerman
Additional Tags: Snowed In, Huddling For Warmth, First Kiss, First Time
Summary: "Strip," Walt said, turning back to the wood and sorting out a few pieces that he hoped would catch quickly.

"'Scuse me?"

"I said strip." Walt looked at him again. "Look, there's no way this wood gets this cabin warm enough to dry out you and your clothes at the same time. The only way you're getting warm again is without wet clothes on. So strip."

And then, for [personal profile] roseargent, I wrote in a manga fandom whose source I hadn't read since the mid-2000s, but damn, do I still love Goh and Taki.

The Purple Pill (3025 words) by Tangerine
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yellow - 立野真琴 | Tateno Makoto
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Goh/Taki
Characters: Goh (Yellow), Taki (Yellow)
Additional Tags: Case Fic, Drug-Induced Sex, Aphrodisiacs, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Implied/Referenced Torture, Canon-Typical Violence, Piercings
Summary: Goh and Taki are living a peaceful life in Stockholm when they're called to action once again. Together, they work to stop the people behind the drug that has cast a grim shadow over their adopted home. As usual, it doesn't go exactly as planned.


My Marvel Trumps Hate story is moving right along, which made me convinced I could sign up for [community profile] hurtcomfortex. I didn't do any nominations for it, but thankfully, other people had me covered. Thanks, random strangers. I nommed for [community profile] smutswap, but ended up not signing up for it... I had a lot of fun last year with it, but I'm also trying to be careful to manage my writing time a bit better.


I saw Captain Marvel. It was great. I will see it again.
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On the off-chance my chocobox writer checks this journal at some point: due to circumstances beyond my control, I will likely not have internet access again until the 18th. So if I don't comment when the stories go live, that's why! Poor planning on my part! I apologize!

Related, my story is done and posted. I have tweaked, added a bunch more words, tweaked again, pretty satisfied with how it turned out.


Loving tropes as I do, I was unable to resist the siren song of the trope meme. Also, I just generally love taking quizzes. Clearly, some tropes missing, but this is a pretty accurate list for me, tbh.

Rank | Name
1 Snowed-In Cabin/Isolated Together For Extended Period of Time
2 Supernatural Creature/Human Romance
3 Friends to Lovers
4 Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings
4 Soulmate Identifying Marks (Tattoo, Red Thread of Fate, etc)

The rest of the list... )


Escapade in a week and a half! The schedule is out and so many good panels! Excitement!
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We're almost in February which means Escapade! I got a mystifying email from Air Canada, telling me my flight itinerary had changed, but they legit gave no indication what had changed. So after several minutes of puzzling, I realized I had been bumped off the final leg of my journey and onto a later flight. (Flight plan is basically home>Toronto>LA then LA>Montreal>Home). I, too, had doubts my flight out of LAX would leave on time, so probably for the best.


Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2, Episode 2... wee, I liked that episode a lot. )


Despite the copious amount of snow that has fallen in recent days, I made it to the library and picked up all my holds. Which was basically many volumes of Ms. Marvel and Fruits Basket. All hardcover, because the library hates my arms that have the strength of noodles.
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I have watched several things recently. I have thoughts -- well, tbh, more feelings than thoughts -- but I feel like there are things to be said.

Roma )

Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2, Episode 1 )

Run With the Wind )

In other news, evidently Marvel is getting the rights back to Marvel Gets Rights Back to Raina Telgemeier’s X-Men: Misfits for 2019. This is legit the only universe where my secret-heart-ship of Angel/Longshot makes even a remote amount of sense, so I contemplate it often. The whole book feels very Ouran High School Host Club to me, though I've seen people bring up Fruits Basket as well (which I have not read... yet!). All this to say, I'm very happy because maybe there might be more! Wouldn't that be fun!


Jan. 20th, 2019 03:49 pm
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Meme stolen from [personal profile] spikedluv!

How old are you? 38
Tattoos? Nope. But if I were to get one, it'd be X-Men-related, probably. I joke about getting the image from the icon on this entry tattooed on me, because I just love it so much.
Ever hit a deer? Thankfully, no. I've definitely made eye contact though.
Ridden in an ambulance? Nope!
Sang karaoke? Yes. Whenever possible. I am a terrible singer, but I love it anyway, so I am best suited for private rooms with friends.
Ice skated? Yep. I actually got far enough in figure skating lessons to jump. That was many decades ago.
Ridden a motorcycle? Nope.
Stayed in hospital? As a baby, I think overnight, once? I had surgery a year and a bit ago, but I was in and out of the hospital in five hours.
Skipped school? Not a full day, but definitely specific school events. Due to extreme overcrowding, it was almost impossible to keep track of the older students.
Last phone call? My mom, a few days ago, to congratulate me on the Senators winning (it's so rare!)
Last text from? Friend from work. Talking about the ongoing snowstorm.
Watched someone die? No.
Pepsi or coke? Pepsi. Technically, diet caffeine free pepsi, which I somehow developed a taste for. Otherwise, I prefer more colourful pops: orange, cream soda, grape.
Favorite Pie? Apple! Weirdly, I just had this conversation earlier today, too.
Favorite pizza? Thick crust, pepperoni, lightly done.
Favorite season? I think spring wins by default, because I am just always so happy to see it. (Today we are having the coldest snowstorm in 100 years-- why do I live here??? D:)
Broken bones? I'm more of a dislocation person...
Received a ticket? Nope.
Favorite color? It changes, but right now, yellow.
Sunset or sunrise? Sunset!
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[community profile] fandom_stocking has gone live. My stocking is here and it contains a lovely selection of goodies -- a Klaus/Dorian (HANDCUFFED TOGETHER) ficlet, a hearty selection of beautiful Star Trek: Discovery icons, lots of recs for historical romance novels, and a verifiable bakery of bread-making recipes. This was my first year doing it, and I really loved it!

I also managed to get two ficlets done in the end, despite my time mismanagement skills.

Always Smiling (1242 words) by Tangerine
Fandom: X-Men (Comicverse)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jean Grey/Ororo Munroe
Characters: Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe
Additional Tags: Friendship, First Kiss
Summary: Jean Grey takes some time to decompress. Storm, looking to spend time with her newly resurrected friend, joins her.

A Little Comfort (1078 words) by Tangerine
Fandom: X-Men: The Animated Series
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Remy LeBeau/Rogue
Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue (X-Men)
Additional Tags: Food, Feelings, Happy Ending
Summary: Gambit decides a little comfort food is exactly what Rogue needs.


In other news, local convention was kinda lousy this year. The most interesting one I went to was one entirely in French, which... is not my strong suit, but I think I got most of it? Like the gist anyway? It was a two-hour panel on Japanese humour, and I very much appreciated the accompanying PowerPoint. I did, however, buy some bunny earrings that are mega cute. So all's well that ends well, I guess. 
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Turns out I have an anime convention this weekend. I thought it was next weekend. Fandom Stocking situation looking dire, but more unlikely things have happened. Also, the convention has, like, five panels I want to go to. But at least I can practice my French? Maybe I will bring my laptop.


I had a dream that, on the way to Escapade, my plane had to set down in Bulgaria, and then instead of going to the convention, I just stayed and learned to farm. I have almost zero idea how this dream came to be in my brain, except I have been skulking about the Escapade website, excited.


I finally learned how to add borders to my icons using GIMP. So that's what I did last night. And then, feeling like the border-making wizard that I've become, I made a few new icons.

Six more under the cut... )

L-R: Best Jeanist from Boko no Hero Academia, Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII, Jae-ha from Akatsuki no Yona, then Kija, Zeno and Shin-ah, and Betsy and Brian Braddock from New Mutants Annual 2.
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Day 15

Talk about why you participated in Snowflake &/or what you got out of it. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

This is my third year doing the Snowflake Challenge. I like it because a) it gets me into a habit of posting regularly and b) it gives me an excuse to talk about things I love. There's always a day or two when part of me goes nopenopenope, but I also get something from the satisfaction of pushing myself through those feelings, so I do it anyway (even though the challenge is lowkey and advertised as such, which is another reason why I love it so much -- I don't have to do anything, unless I want to, which I do). It's just been a positive experience for me, every year, and I will continue doing it as long as I have even the smallest spark of fannish energy.
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I accepted [personal profile] colls's challenge from Snowflake Challenge Day Twelve to talk about three of my icons!


So, like, ages ago, for Yuletide 2012, I wrote Heartlines, about the epic love of Monet and Terry, and the pairing name "Moneterry" (which is, ahhh, still so clever) sprang from some discussion of the story, and I love them. Like, 90% of the relationship drama would have been solved by these two getting together. They had a very underrated friendship, and I just... I really love them. This icon fills me with joy.


I love Jin. I love Mugen. I love their antagonistic relationship. I love how they're completely different, but they united under one purpose and helped Fuu in her journey. The mix of hip hop and Samurai lore and amazing characters all came together to make an amazing show that I love. The dynamic of Mugen's relaxed style against Jin's more structured one is captured by this icon.


MY BOYS. I have grown up with these guys. (Seriously, I was 13 when I got into X-Force, and Shatterstar was my immediate favourite on the team). Watching their friendship develop over the course of my teenage years, culminating in what I thought was its height in 1999, when I was just about to enter my 20s, was amazing. And then to have them go canon a decade later. And then, a decade after that, knowing they're still growing together and KISSING is truly amazing.
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Day 14

In your own space, talk about what you think the future holds for fandom. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

The thing about writing the same OTP, off and on, for two decades is you've literally seen it all. Fandom just... keeps trucking along. Changes, evolves, moves: you just gotta roll with it. And you can make fandom wherever you want, provided you're willing to change, too. I never really got into Tumblr, so if I wanted to be fannish, I had to change the way I did that. Reach out to people who may not share my fandom, but get the fandom thing, so even when I was merrily typing away in my small fandom of choice, I wasn't alone. So I don't really know what the future holds (and can't really begin to guess tbh), just that I'm confident it will be somewhere that I can settle in. Even though I did zero writing or reading for three years -- I definitely moaned to friends that my fannish love was dead, because it was upsetting to me, to lose that feeling -- fandom was still there when the spark returned. Some of it in the same places (Dreamwidth!), some of it in new places (Discord!), but it was there, right where I left it, ready to welcome me back.

Because fandom just keeps trucking along.


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