X-Force 34

Jan. 8th, 2013 09:39 pm
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I'm back to re-reading X-Force. I got side-tracked when I had to re-read 100 issues of X-Factor for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide (such a hardship, I know). Tony Daniel is on art now, and he's really the guy who defines X-Force-era Rictor and Shatterstar for me. I'm up to issue 34 -- which is really one of the quintessential Rictor issues. You get Rictor's messed up family history and the glory of Shatterstar revealing he learned Spanish just so he and Rictor could secretly communicate. Guh, boys, seriously. (All the issue 34 stuff also makes it even more tragic when power-less Rictor in X-Factor starts using guns, waah).

I think, after X-Force, I'll re-read PAD's awesome first run on X-Factor (and possibly all of X-Factor, because tiny!Rictor shows up in, like, issue 17 and is so wee and little and traumatised). I've been keeping up to date with Kathleen David's blog (PAD's wife).  For those comic fans who may not know, Peter David had a stroke a little over a week ago, and she's been keeping the fans (among others) updated on his progress. 

Then after X-Factor, I'll read the New Mutants, because I've owned the entire run for years and never actually read a single issue.  /confession

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Thanks to [archiveofourown.org profile] DeliaIsNotMyName for Closer and Ares: Father of the Year and [archiveofourown.org profile] Hllangel for Pocket Aces. I probably re-read each of them, like, 20 times each.  At least. 

I wrote:

Heartlines (10373 words) by Tangerine for [archiveofourown.org profile] CheshirePrime 
Fandom: X-Factor (Comics)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Monet St. Croix/Theresa Cassidy
Characters: Monet St. Croix, Theresa Cassidy, Layla Miller, Jamie Madrox, Longshot (X-Men), Julio Richter, Shatterstar, Lorna Dane
Summary: Monet is bad at exactly three things: emotions, magic, and cheesecake.

I spent 16 hours straight one weekend, re-reading X-Factor, to prepare.  Such a hardship, I know.  Then I spent ages trying to figure out Monet's convoluted family history (no time to re-read Generation X ... and pretty sure I barely understood it in the first place).   Then I ate a lot of cheesecake, because when you write about cheesecake, you must eat it, too.  Then I finally finished it, even though I had to cut scenes.

[livejournal.com profile] yuletide is awesome!

As a plus side to the reveal, I an finally comment on the other two X-Factor (Comics) stories, Fearless by [livejournal.com profile] thinlizzy2 and Blink by [livejournal.com profile] misachan, which are both awesome [livejournal.com profile] ricstar stories.  I'm the worst sneaky person there is (and I spell like such an obvious Canadian ack), so I just avoided my favourite fandom in the entire history of fandoms for an entire week!  Woe.  That was hard. 


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