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It is, for the record, hard to focus on your [livejournal.com profile] yuletide story with a heating pad wrapped around your calf with a scarf. For instance, writing makes me thirsty, but I have to unplug myself if I want a drink and walk around with a plug tucked into my pants (so I don't trip and/or step on the plug and feel the unholy pain that usually accompanies such an action).

My life, folks.

(Dave the Physiotherapist seems to think it's sciatica which, argh, fml).

Finally read Avengers vs. X-Men! Let me talk about that! )

My only complaint about comics right now is all my titles on bi-weekly schedules -- I am not this organised! I cannot keep up with you!

Also, if anyone is interested in a holiday card, I still haven't done them (this weekend, I swear) so there is still time to receive one!
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In real life news, none of my worst case scenarios for my leg are apparently true. Background: for about six weeks, getting gradually worse, my right leg has suffered from searing pain. Like, I didn't even know the definition of searing pain before, but I know it now. I tried my usual approach (grin and bear it and wait it out), but it failed utterly (it takes me 20 minutes to get a sock on wtf). Finally I went to the walk-in clinic, and after moving my leg around and me swearing at him in stupid ways (curses! fiddlesticks! shooooot!) the doctor thinks it's not anything on my short list (varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, sciatica) and is just a really mangled ligament! That got mangled doing absolutely nothing! Because I have no memory of hurting my leg at all! So now I have drugs and a physio appointment next Monday. Hurrah.

In other news, I would like to talk about Uncanny X-Force for just one second ... )

Okay, I got that off my chest, but now let me talk about Wolverine and the X-Men. )

The only comic I currently feel secure about is X-Factor (a. because everyone who is going to leave has already left and b. PAD is on record that neither Rictor nor Shatterstar are going to die). And All New X-Men, because it just started. Comics, why do you hurt me so bad???

I went a little nuts with the Steam Fall Sale. And by nuts, I mean I have 5 games I can't download until late December, because I'll go over my bandwidth cap and have to pay money to my marginally evil ISP. But so many new games to play! So far, Mass Effect is pretty awesome.
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Is there anything more glorious than comic book Wednesdays? Way back in the day (mid-90s), my friend and I would make the journey every Wednesday to a) pick up my comics and b) pick up her grandma's prescriptions.  The adventure became known as Paperback Wednesdays, as the store I bought my comics from had the word paperback in its name.  We reminisced a little today about that, as I was OMG SUPER ESPECIALLY EXCITED for today's trip.

Reactions, non-spoilery:

Avengers: Children's Crusade: Cyclops reaffirms his assitude, which I've know all along, but I feel very vindicated these days.  /two decades of hate
X-Factor: At one point, Longshot reminded me a lot, physically, of Sting in the movie Dune.  To the point I blush whenever I pass that page (X-Factor demands multiple re-reads, especially when Rictor and/or Shatterstar have done something awesome).
Uncanny X-Force: WTF are you even doing out?? Didn't I read two issues of you two weeks ago??  I have a delicate constitution. Pace yourself, please. :/
Grifter: Glad you were not sold out. I love you from my WildC.A.T.s days.  You and Spartan.  ♥
Schism: Hi, Alan Davis and your sweet, sweet art. I met you at SDCC. Best artist ever in the world ever.  Nobody draws angry faces better.
Everything Else (X-Men, X-Men Legacy, Generation Hope): You were all fine. Thank you for coming home with me.

My Internet is being an impossible jerk, which means a) I can't update Final Fantasy XI, so I missed dynamis and b) I've only been able to watch Rabbit and Bunny up to episode five, which is so mean because it is so awesome and cute and awesome.  And I have a serious urge to cosplay Sky High. 


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