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I was supposed to go to a local anime convention today, but the person I was going with cancelled last minute, and my leg is a twisted mess of pain thanks to a back spasm on Tuesday which took the pain I've been experiencing for months and amplified it by, like, a hundred. Thank you, body.

Instead, I lounged in my bed all day, tidying up my room, organising and reading my comics, catching up on my backlog of graphic novels, watching Suits Season 2, and infecting my computer with a trojan ($%^&#). That last thing I did NOT intend to do, but thankfully, it was just a toolbar hijacker, and that's pretty easy to fix. That'll learn me to install crap before breakfast.

I finally read the new X-Men Legacy. I liked it! A lot! Which is surprising, because I'm a little bleh on Legion, but it's pretty interesting. I could, however, use a bit of a break from Wolverine. Dear Marvel: he probably doesn't need to show up in absolutely everything, just saying.

I think I have adjusted my [community profile] trope_bingo expectations. A plus sign is still possible, but a single line is much more likely. Fuck or Die is done, Steampunk is getting there, and I have a 12 page unfinished Amnesia fic sitting on my hard drive if I need it. Which leaves me with All Human and Truth or Dare. All five stories are going to end up being Rictor point of view, weirdly. I usually try to balance that a little better, but oh well. ♥ Rictor.

That said! I signed up for [community profile] comics_bb because, well, I find writing long stuff much easier than short stuff, and I write better/more if I have deadlines for stuff. Here is a shiny banner to entice others into signing up:

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omg, I think I just threw my back out semi-reorganising my long-boxes of comics. Internet says they are only 35 lbs, but they feel heavier. Alternately, there is a pretty good chance I just have noodles for arms. /sweat

On the plus side, my comics are no longer in piles on my carpeted floor, surrounding my bed. Which means no more comic slip and slide in the mornings! Groin pulls, flailing arms, and loss of dignity are all side effects of the comic slip and slide, so it's not as fun as it sounds.

Been puttering around AO3 a lot. Realised I never answered some comments, and now wondering how weird it would be to thank someone three years later. Because they were really nice comments! Also, my favourite Young Avengers story got its second chapter added to it, three years later. Never give up hope, people. So that's what I did today. I love longfic lovelovelove. Makes me wanna write.

Still reading hockey fic. Still in denial. Sorta. Did look into the Senators at home schedule on the off chance they stop striking lockouting. /doomed

I've gotta figure out what to do with my metric shit tonne of NSYNC crap. There are a lot of boxes. My mother is adamant a) I keep the wall clock and b) I donate it to Good Will or something if I can't find someone to take it. I swear, I will never collect anything other than comics again. I hate dealing with the aftermath.

I've made it 3 issues into X-Force. I just need Greg Capullo to start drawing it, and I will be able to handle more than one issue at a time.


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