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Thanks again to [archiveofourown.org profile] NicoleAnell for the lovely Cargo fic, Hold On To This Lullaby! Love love love it! \o/

For Yuletide, I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] arysteia:

Smile (9633 words) by Tangerine
Fandom: X-Factor (Comics), X-Force (Comics)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Julio Richter/Shatterstar
Additional Tags: First Time, Mexico, Pining
Summary: It takes fifty-six hours on a Greyhound bus to get from Raleigh to Guadalajara.

I do actually offer other fandoms than X-Factor, I swear! Writing this fic gave me a chance to actually go back and re-read the heart-breaker issues (i.e. the issues of X-Force where Rictor and Shatterstar got written out and I basically gave up reading comics for five years). Fun things I got to research for this story: transportation options in Guadalajara, concussions, Greyhound schedules, and Beverley Hills 90210.

I also signed up for Trope Bingo again, despite my utter failure with the last one ... )

Well, I guess that is workable. That last horizontal line definitely gets the bunnies hopping.

Happy New Year to everyone!
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So, I think I went to a circus once, in the mid-80s, but I could just be making that up. So I am brainstorming publicly! In case there is something very not-circusy about Cirque de X-Factor!

The circus is currently being sued by Fox ... )


In other news, uploaded a few more older stories to AO3 today, both in the Young Heroes in Love fandom. I don't blame anyone who might never have heard of it. It's a DC Comics series from mid-nineties, that was cancelled after 18 issues. It had one of the first same-sex couples in comics that I knew of (though, iirc, they literally got together in the last issue). It's never been released as a trade (which is a crying shame).

I was very dramatic in my younger years. While I appreciate my enthusiasm, I need to edit a few of these stories before I'm willing to add them to AO3.
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So I have managed to miss every fannish bingo in the history of fannish bingos ... until now! Not because I am any more aware of fannish activity, but because I am copying [personal profile] jet and signing up for [community profile] trope_bingo !

My card ... )

I'm going for two lines, I think. Maybe. We'll see. I'm determined to do this 100% Rictor/Shatterstar, too. Consider this my 2013 resolution -- write moar fic, dammit.
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