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Shoot! I thought I would have more time to procrastinate with my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide letter. Eeep, apologies to any distressed author who might be waving a fist in the air right now.

Anyhoo ...

Dear Yuletide author,

Hello! Nice to meet you! I'm a very easy going reader, and I'm very much a character girl, so need to stress about anything. I tend to have main favourites, and then secondary favourites that encompass everyone I left out, because I fall in love copiously and frequently. (I have a few characters I detest, but the fandoms I requested are totally safe from those guys).

I will rip off my likes and dislikes off from last year ...

Some things I love: happy endings, gratuitous nudity, homo-eroticism, sexy stuff (dorkily awkward or legitimately good), slash, first times, casual swearing, long hair, friendship romps, elves, tropes. I am a giant wimpy romantic suck, though, for the record. I cry at everything, and I like it, so things like hurt/comfort are good, too, if the ending is happy.

Things I don't love: death fic, incest fic, sad fic, non con fic. Butterflies (ugh, don't ask, but I get mega-skeeved out by butterflies). Um ... that's pretty much it, to be honest.

Final Fantasy XI - Rughadjeen, Galadar

I've been playing FFXI since 2005, and I loved Rughadjeen at first sight. And then I did all the Serpent Generals quests, and they were awesome!!! I especially like the image of Rughadjeen coming across a crazy enthusiastic Galadar nuking everything, because he is awesome and nuts. Slash would be great, but Rughadjeen backstory is good, too! Or friendship stuff! I bet Rughadjeen makes the best San d'Orian tea (given to him by Trion, of course), and Galadar suffers through it because, while he would rather nuke mamools, hanging out with his BFF is good, too.

Cargo - Rosie

So basically, I watched Cargo, and it destroyed me in the very best of ways. I watched it before going on, so I had to explain why I looked like I had been crying. (And lord, did I cry -- what a beautifully well done short film). It was Rosie that did me in, and I really want more of her story, and most of all, I want her to be all right and happy and safe and awesome. Any age period is fine. Ah, my heart.

The Survivors' Club by Mary Balogh - Vincent Hunt, Martin Fisk

Their friendship is so awesome and lovely. Slash would be great, of course, because I really do think these guys lend themselves well to it, but their friendship! So amazing! So timeless! I am really sad that, so far, we don't get much of Martin's side of things. He's stuck with Vincent for his entire life, through terrible and good things, and he is so interesting to me.

X-Factor - Rictor/Shatterstar

My forever OTP. I bought into them in 1998, and I still cannot get enough 15 years later. Any time period is good! First times are good! Zany tropes are good! I do really require a happy ending for these guys, though, but everything else is basically fair game. Blatant nudity would be an added bonus, because the comics are so mean to me and deny me this constantly.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - Hank Lawson, Jake Slicker

Hank stories are amazing, and I want more to exist. Hank is amazing. An ass, yes, but amazing. Slash is okay here. Also, friendship with Myra (or romance, that's fine, too). I find Hank to be the most frustrating character I've ever loved, because he has being an ass down to an art, but those moments, those few moments when he is open and honest, so very nice.


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