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Dear Evie:

You are the character of my heart. I'm stronger because you exist, and I will love you to the end of my days. Let me count the ways ...

Love always, Tangerine


So there's this book series by Lisa Kleypas, a romance author, called the Wallflower Series. I've mentioned it a few times. At its heart, it's the story of four women who don't quite fit in, and become the dearest of friends. Annabelle, Lillian, Evangeline, and Daisy. I love them all, but in particular, I love Evie. Like, so much love that I probably read The Devil in Winter once every two to three months, and have for at least five years. It never gets old.

Evie is a rare beast: she's an adult woman who stutters. According to the Internet, 1% of the adult population stutters, and men outnumber women by a 4:1 margin. So when I say rare, I mean I've never met another adult woman stutterer in my life (and only a small number of men). I remember when I first read the book (I started with the third in the series on a friend's recommendation because I am a notorious lover of rakes), and I had no idea what to expect. I was so startled to find a character who was just like me. I was, of course, immediately in love.

It turns out there are so many more reasons to love her.

She gets frustrated, and flustered, and annoyed with herself, yes, but she never backs down when she wants something, and she speaks her mind when it's required. I wish I was a little more like her, to be honest. She's also the one to propose to Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent, because it's beneficial to her (and she knows perfectly well how desperate he is, too).

Evie is like ... a calm ocean of awesomeness. And she's so dearly loved by her friends and by her rakish husband. She easily outwits her malicious family, and makes a life for herself that she's happy with. She's so utterly wonderful and has brought me hours and hours of joy. ♥

As a bonus, there is also this trailer for the book that gives me major feels and makes me swoon all over the place.

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